Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Maybe this was a bad idea

I bought a new computer this weekend.  IT's been over four years since I got my last one and a new hard drive and power cord later, it's seen better days.  It also doesn't help that I drop it on the floor at least once a week.  Don't worry though, it's usually on the carpet.

So, after some basic research and some scoping the net for suggestions, I finally settled on a type of computer I wanted.  Then, I went to the store and found a completely different one I ended up buying.

At least I bought it for the right reasons and not because it was pretty.  That was an option.  They come in colours now!  Shiny!

As I was getting things together to make my purchase, the cumputer geek at the store suggested I use their team to transfer my files from my old computer to my new one.  I scoffed at the thought.  I have numerous friends who are computer freaks so I didn't need to pay $100 for someone else to do it.  I figured a cheap supper or something and I would rolling.

Then I opened it up.  It's so pretty!!  And new!!!  It still has that new computer smell -- meaning that I haven't eaten anything near it yet and it doesn't smell like fermented cheese. 

What? I get hungry when I'm working. 

Okay, when I'm playing Tetris on Facebook.  Shut up.

But what I realized when I opened it up was that I did not intend to let it out of my sight.  Not even for the evening it would take for it to be set up.  I could do it myself.  I know I can!  At my office, I'm a computer genius!

The fact that most people in my office were in their late 30s when computers became mainstream is not lost on me.  Big fish in a little pond. 

I got through the initial set up alright.  I followed the directions and went to town.  Finally, I got to the last stage of the process -- transfering files.  With Window EASY Transfer.

Easy, my butt.

Setting it up was easy enough.  I picked all the things I wanted on my new computer.  Things I couldn't live without.  And I started the transfer.  I knew that with the vast amount of things on my computer (ie: every picture ever taken of my family since the begining of time) the transfer would take awhile.  It told me 4 hours. 

Okay, I can handle that.

However, as each moment goes by, the stupid program tacks on another hour.  I'm now at 1 day and 18 hours. 

I want to punch Bill Gates in the throat.  Mind you, I will need to wait until I can access my computer so I can google where he lives.

He's going to be a really surprised 80 year old.


  1. It isn't just you who has problems with transferring files on Windows computers.
    Can't wait to see the new computer. Have you named it yet?


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