Thursday, May 05, 2011

What was I thinking? The "I'm Old" Edition

After almost 40 hours, my new computer only finished transferring half the files I requested.  I am now transferring them manually via my iPod.  I love pieces of this new computer but am wishing I had decided to buy a friend supper to do all this setup stuff like the dorky little computer guy suggested.

But, if we've learned anything, I'm stubborn.

I'm working on it.  Something I love about this computer -- size, speed, performance, etc.  But the learning curve is kicking my ass.  Trying to figure out how to work the Toshiba special features almost made me throw both computers to the ground and pick up an abacus and rock tablet.

What is making me crazy right now is the dim feature of the screen.  Every few minutes it turns OFF! and then ON! and then OFF!  I feel like I'm at my own private rave.  With music by John Mayer.  Wow... worst rave ever.

Something else I'm getting used to is the mouse.  It seems to randomly change the zoom of the screen.  One moment I'm typing along normally and then HELLO I BELIEVE YOU HAVE BECOME POOR OF SIGHT and I'm zoomed to 168%.

It's going to take awhile before I'm good at Bejeweled again.

The dog is now pouting because instead of ignoring him for one computer, I'm balancing two on the edge of the coffee table and pushing him out of the way as I curse at alternate screens.  I'm sure I will come home someday and bits and bytes (see what I did there?) will be scattered all over the floor in a burst of dog rage.

I wonder if maybe the fact that I'm days from being 35 is causing me such problems.  I'm normally not the one in the family to throw a fit because an icon is in a different spot than it was with the last program I used.  Not that I'm naming names, but a couple of my sisters have been known to scream about Windows Vista and the new Word program.

Why, yes, I only have two sisters.

Okay, now I almost turned the power button off because it's in the same place as my "END" button on my last computer.  I swear this is going to make me lose my mind.  It's possible I will never get it back.

I'm pretty sure it's stored on my other computer.

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  1. You bought a Toshiba? Whatever were you thinking? I bought one for Tanya Dec 2006. As soon as I can afford a new good notebook, I am giving her my desktop and her toshiba to someone I don't like.
    Also try working in Windows 7 (and everything else) in Russian, which I am doing now.

  2. You're.. transferring files via your ipod? What the..? How the...? You might as well switch over to using Windows 7 (and everything else) in Russian because.. your ipod?! *head shaking*

  3. Buy an external hard drive. You need to back-up these files to another device anyway. The only thing that sucks more than transferring files for a week straight is losing them for all times. Should also expedite the transfer.


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