Saturday, April 02, 2011

Tale of the BRAND NEW CAR!

Not that you would remember, but 4 years ago I got a new car.  I spent months researching, agonizing, creating spreadsheets (yes, spreadsheets) and test driving.  I had a plan and I executed it.  Bought the cutest little car you ever did see and she served me well.

Almost.  The problem with the car was that I had only just met The Guy when she was bought.  Me being a regular height for a human had little problems fitting into my car comfortably.  He being of irregular (and mostly giant) height for a human was a little crunched.  Four years later, he has sworn he won't travel long distances in my car ever again.

I don't know, he looks awful cute with his knees up under his nose while his head is sideways against the roof.

That came out more inappropriate than I intended.

Anywho.  My little car was coming due to being traded in.  Her lease is up in August, so we started talking about cars.  The Guy's dad had gotten a good deal on his in the spring, so we thought we would go to the same dealer in August.

Didn't stop us from looking around though.  We narrowed it down to a few different vehicles -- all tall ones that The Guy would be able to drive, but also wouldn't suck up the gas.  Or kill the environment, but that was a secondary thought.

On a coinciding day off (it's like a blue moon, but rarer) The Guy and I decided to go out to the dealer and do some looking around.  We drove a couple of vehicles and I saw one I really liked.  I thought that we would come back in August.

It didn't turn out that way.  We talked the with dealer and there was a good deal on a slightly used (3000 km) Jeep Pioneer Patriot (Oops!).  It was exactly the car we were looking at.  Exactly the price.  And! Exactly the colour.

Cherry Cherry!
They offered to take my car from me and offered a good price.  We decided to think about it and asked when they would want to know by.  How about tomorrow?!?!

No pressure.

On the ride home, we decided that, if we could get the financing in place, we would do it.  We made the call and started the process.  My stomach was in knots.  I was so anxious I could throw up.  I don't make big decisions like this!  (Oh, who am I kidding?) The next day, I went to work while The Guy did all the leg work.  He would bring me the new truck at work!  Then I got the call: we had the money, but the truck wasn't ready.

I was heartbroken.  And then, I was suspicious.

I mean, it was the day before April Fool's Day.  And I always fall for April Fool's Day jokes.

I was sitting at work yesterday when my boss walked in and told me I should go outside.  I was expecting my co-worker to jump out of no where and douse me with water or something along those lines.  I tentatively  peeked my head out the door.

Where I saw my BRAND NEW CAR!!!!!!!!!!

I might have jumped up and down, squealed like a 5 yr old girl, and skipped to where The Guy was standing.

I might have.  But that would have been embarrassing and immature.

Cherry in my garage where she lives now.
I stared at her out the window the rest of the day until I could drive her home.  I might have kissed her goodnight too.


  1. A classy lassie with a classy chassis.


  3. Oh crap. Taylor, you are right. I know nothing about vehicles.


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