Monday, April 11, 2011

Now that's edgy

My coworker lamented that her daughter was dating someone less than desirable.  In my empathy, we got talking about the men we dated as young people versus who we want to be with as an adult.

When I was younger, I dated men who were emotionally damaged or distant, and often who were without work.  I was attracted to men who were troubled, uneasy, and often unkind.  My coworker said the same.  She only looked for men who were "edgy".  It was not until we were older (and hopefully more mature) that we looked for men who were stable, loving, kind, and consistent.

I laughed saying that 10 years ago I wouldn't have thought I'd end up with someone like The Guy.  He's straight-laced, honest, hard-working, kind, sincere, gentle, patient, tidy!, and employed!  I chuckled that he isn't the "bad guy" type that I always fawned over and yet I couldn't be more happy with him.

It was at that moment he chose to text me to say goodnight.

At 7:45pm.

Yup, he's a wild one.


  1. I always assumed I'd end up with some totally damaged guy, that I would somehow save, and we'd have some passionate, dramatic romance. After dating a bunch of them, I married someone the exact opposite of what I was always "attracted" to.
    Your co-workers daughter will smarten up one day, and have her own stories to tell. :)

  2. Isn't that funny? I had the same "dream" -- to save some guy from himself and be wildly in love. I'm so glad I got over that for a real man.

    We did well!


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