Friday, April 08, 2011

I also like to make people uncomfortable

I've been in meetings for the last two days.  At first I wrote "all week" but then realized it's only been two days.  It only seems like a week.  Imagine putting 150 of the most opinionated people you know into the same room and then start discussing things no one can agree on.

It's magic.

Seriously.  Today, we spent 20 minutes on whether we should put "and", "or" or "and/or" in a clause.  That wasn't even what we were supposed to be talking about.  I might have lost my temper a tiny bit and reminded them all that we were adding one word, it wasn't "and" or "or" and their discussion was moot.  I might have called them all morons, but it's possible that part was just in my head.  I hope.

I have some great people sitting at my table with me and that is all that has kept me sane.  We each shoot funny lines at each other when something stupid happens and we all seem to be on relatively the same page.  We relaxed around each other pretty early in the event.

So, I wasn't thinking anything when I pulled out my date book to start looking at my schedule for the next few days.  One of the women I've gotten along with quite well took a peek over my shoulder.  She noticed a small event I had penned into tomorrow's date.

7 years.

Laughing, she pointed and asked what I was trying to remember.  My anniversary? My child's age?

No, my mom died. 

Well, that was a fun way to kill the mood.  Everyone looked at me.

I just write it down.  I know, it's not like I'll forget.

More silence.

I send reminder cards to my siblings too.  Just to be a jerk.


  1. Wow. Seven.

    And are these reminder cards like morbid Save the Dates, and do you send them in the mail?

  2. I would love to get a "Save the Death Date" card in the mail from Bron. I believe I did get a "HAPPY DEATHIVERSARY" instant message from Lyn, though.

    I do need reminding, because I've never been good with dates. To me, Mom died on Good Friday.

    I can't believe it's been seven years. It still seems like no time at all.

  3. I have to add that the word verification they gave me was "dedish." My response: "No, she's completely dead."


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