Saturday, March 05, 2011


Today would have been my mom's 62 birthday.

I have very few pictures of my mom.  Mom was a hider.  (To quote my sister, Ky)  She hated having her picture taken and being in the centre of attention.  This could be due to the fact she spent a large portion of the 80s looking like Rita McNeil and wearing large polka dots.

Since she died before we all had digital cameras and she could veto bad pics, we had to sneak pictures of her or wait until we did family pictures.  Since these pictures flattered no one, it makes for scant choosing when it comes to show who my mother was.

Instead, I've chosen to post a picture I drew of my mom and the post where I describe said picture.

Mom: complete with power shooting from her fingers,
a wart on her nose, flippers for feet and a Hutterite beard.
I really hope Mom has kept her sense of humour.  Otherwise, I am going to get to heaven and she is going to beat my ass.


In honour of her birthday, my dad wrote a beautiful post about Mom and the tree planted in her honour.


  1. I am sure your Mom kept her sense of humour :)
    David C

  2. I think it's a striking resemblance. :o)
    Big hugs to you my friend.

  3. She will likely beat your ass anyway, just for good measure. Love you.


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