Saturday, March 05, 2011

In a word: Different

While hanging pictures in the family room downstairs, The Guy and I had a difference of opinion in how to go about hanging a particularly difficult frame.

It had two hooks on the back a certain distance apart.  The trick was to make it level and in the right place.  The Guy was contemplating how to do it, but I had an idea.  As I explained it to him, the look of incredulous disbelief spread across his face.

My plan was this:

  • String dental floss from the two hooks.  
  • Hold the picture to the wall by the dental floss.  
  • Put a pencil mark at each spot where the dental floss hangs.  
  • Move the picture.
  • Measure down one inch from each spot and mark again.
  • Check the levelness of said marks.
  • Put in nails.
  • Use floss to hang the hooks on the nails.
  • Remove floss.
His plan?
  • Measure the hooks with the level.  
  • Make marks on the level.
  • Hold level to wall and mark spots with pencil.
  • Put in nails.
  • Hang picture.
FINE.  But mine would have worked too.


  1. I would have done it your way. It's a little less abstract, plus I don't own a level. :)

  2. We hung a frame like that at Shannon's last week. We stood and wondered how to do it too! Unfortunately, we didn't come up with anything creative like your plan.


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