Friday, March 04, 2011

In a word: Asinine

Submitted by Tyler at Tyler Has Nothing To Say

I suppose I should not be surprised that my first word offered by my readers is "asinine" as most of the time, I'm living proof that word was necessary for proper descriptions to exist.  Despite the fact that I cannot spell it to save my life.

I have a hard time being foolish on purpose.  By accident, I am quite a natural at it -- that's another story. But for many years, I was the straight laced stick in the mud.  It came from a lack of confidence in who I was and a deep fear of being judged by others.

As the years have gone on and I have grown up, I'm more comfortable being silly and ridiculous.  I hope by the time I'm 80, I'm nothing but silly and ridiculous.

Pull your finger?  Oh no!


  1. That's my goal, be a crazy old bat. Love the picture!

  2. If Grandma is anything to go by, we're all gonna be completely batsh!t by the time we're 80. Something to look forward to!


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