Thursday, March 03, 2011

In a word: Compulsive

Monty comes from a long line of crazy.  Well, okay, maybe not a long line, but his mother Maddy is crazy as a loon and Monty himself is one nut short of a party mix.  He's a nice dog, but dumb as a stick.

The crazy that runs in the dog family (and mine, oddly enough) is obsessive compulsive behaviour.  Madison's feet are perpetually red from chewing on them and Vicki has a strange fascination with staring at water dripping down the drain.  Montel's is licking.  He licks his paws, his leg, the sheets, a blanket, his rope, my arm, Wade's face, etc.  There is no rhyme nor reason for his licking.

The other night, he was licking his paw while cuddled under the blankets.  The Guy was sleeping (read: snoring) and I was having trouble settling down.  After a few minutes, I just COULD NOT STAND IT ANYMORE.  I mean, normally I'm pretty patient with his crazy.  I distract him with something and he forgets what he's doing.  But sometimes, his licking drives me up the wall.  I reached out blindly behind me and shoved Monty in the bum.

He stopped cold -- frozen with confusion about my sudden intervention.  Moments passed, both of us waiting for the other's reaction.

Finally, he sighed a deep soul-wounded sigh of someone wrongfully persecuted.  Then, he slid over in bed until he wasn't touching me any longer.

I think I was told.


  1. In actual fact he is two short but mere details.

  2. Ugh...we have a dog that's a licker, too. She licks the same spot in the carpet, and it drives me nuts. So gross!

  3. I remember Dave Barry referred to a dog that was "conducting loud personal hygiene" while he was trying to sleep.

  4. Aw! Poor dude.
    Dogs constantly licking drives me freaking crazy though so I feel your pain.


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