Wednesday, March 02, 2011

In a word: Suckage

Wow.  You people are mean and cruel and your momma looks fat in those pants.  Seriously.

The other day I asked for words that I could create posts out of every day for the next month.  For you.  I did it for you!!!!  So you would have something nice to read each and every day.

Some people were kind and lovely and gave me nice ideas.  And then... you people started messing with me.

Here is a list of words that cause me to rethink who my friends, family and followers are:
paucity (I had to look this one up!)
uxorious (Thanks Dad)
collywobbles (coward wouldn't even admit who you were)
callipygian (you guys are going to love this one)
I guess, knowing the kind of people who I do, I should not be surprised.

We're in for a pile of crap treat this month!  Get ready!


  1. That wasn't me but after I looked it up, it could have been about me. Years of practice.
    I was ubiquitous. I knew the meaning of it.

  2. I contributed uxorious. One of my goals in life is to be able to play that in Scrabble some day.

  3. Yaaaay, "bosoms" wasn't on the list! I'm still your friend!

  4. You wouldn't love us if we didn't all love weird unknown words. I thought about 'discombobulated' too. It's strange how happy it makes me to say it. Just kinda rolls off the tongue.

  5. I googled paucity. As I was typing it in, one of the search suggestions was "paucity of bowel gas." I thought you might appreciate that one.

  6. Oh, callipygian has been a favorite of mine. But not as good as "steatopygian." Now there's a word with legs.


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