Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Collywobbles -- a rumbly in my tumbly

This one was given to me by anonymous.  I think they were just too chicken to tell me they wanted me to talk about my intestinal disturbances.

Fat chance I would avoid that topic!!

In 10 days, it will be one year since I was diagnosed with Celiac's Disease.  I know, every time I mention gluten my sister Lyn has promised to punch a kitten, but she's just going to have to suck it up.  It's a year and I will talk about it if I want to.

Now being without bread and such good things is second nature to me.  I am aware of what I can eat and where I can eat and how I feel when I eat and... blah blah blah.

I have always been one who is self-aware in the personal sense.  I know (expect during times of PMS) exactly what I am feeling and why.  I know my weaknesses and strengths; I know my motivation and my barriers.  What I have never paid attention to is my body.

During many doctors, dentists and chiropractor appointments I have been asked questions about pain, changes in my physical being, and how something makes me feel.  Unless the answer is "sleepy" or "hungry", I normally have no response.  How long has this been bothering you? is met with a blank stare.

This life style change has caused me to be uber aware of my body's responses.  Every gurgle or fart causes me to examine what I've eaten, if it could be glutened and what I need to do to avoid this feeling later.

It gets really confusing.  I mean, normal people fart (except for one ex-roommate -- did we educate her!) However, when a person with Celiac's farts or feels bloated, there is widespread PANIC!  I mean, I could have overloaded on salt OR I could have eaten something that will cause me to have Alzheimers.

You can see the problem right?

Even stress -- heck, especially stress -- makes my tummy do flip flops (not the shoes) and makes me wonder if I've done something wrong.

I guess the thing is to learn the difference between being glutened and just having the collywobbles.


  1. This crap monkey (pun intended on the crap) has Crohn's disease and TOTALLY identifies. So tough to stay on a diet that eliminates one's favorite things...

  2. It was a puppy that I promised to punch. A PUPPY. Do you really want that? I think you secretly do.

  3. Oh well done! I shall have to anonymously choose a harder word next time.


Crap monkies say "what?"