Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Paucity - a small rant on a small word

Provided by my pal Shelley who loves this word. Sorry, dude.

There are words that people often acknowledge as being creepy.  Slacks.  Panties.  Moist.  Especially when combined to be "slack moist panties."  I have one friend who refuses to call hot dogs "wieners" as the sound of that word makes him cringe.  Of course, we all happily refer to them as such and repeat it over and over until his head explodes.

I have a few personal made-up words that make me lose my mind.  Of course, my husband, my brother, my brother's wife, and everyone I've ever met uses them constantly.  Will I tell you what the most hated word is?  No.  I'm not stupid.  You would all email me daily using it over and over and I would be forced to kill you all.

Since I like having people to read my musings, I will keep this word in the dark.

Until I posted the request for words to use as post inspirations, I was in the dark about paucity.  I immediately had to look it up in the dictionary.  For a girl who reads as much as I do, it is embarrassing how often I have no ability to tell you what a word means.  Although, I know it when I see it.

Paucity is: a small amount.  It's a rather innocuous word, really.

And yet, I hate it.

I hate everything about this word.  I hate the way it sounds rolling out of my mouth.  Paw-city.  Paaaaaw-sit-eeeeee.  I hate it.  It makes bile rise in my mouth.  The texture of this word is so revolting that just repeating it in my mind for this post is making my stomach turn.

Second, I hate the meaning.  It's this uppity kind of word that means little.  Literally.



  1. I am SO going to use it as often as possible now. It's an awesome word!

    You know you want to use it when you're talking to some pompass dork who thinks he's smart but you know he won't know what it means. Plus, it makes research lit reviews so much more uppity..."there is a paucity of evidence...".

  2. A wiener is the fastest horse in Mexico.

  3. It is so all about the lit reviews. I was all about the word "paucity" in school.

    Also, is the word supposably? Cause that makes me stabby. Or is it irregardless? Cause I hate that word unless you're using it ironically and in a Boston accent. Oooh!! Oooh!! Is it when people say "is is"? NOT COOL.


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