Monday, March 14, 2011

Ubiquitous -- Everything to everyone

This word was suggested to me by my father, Blog Fodder.

I was going through the words you all suggested for me and looking for something that struck my fancy.  Of course, for most of them, I had to look the word up in the dictionary just to be sure I didn't write an entire post showing you how I use words when I have no actually idea what they mean.  I assume you will figure that out eventually anyway, but no point leading you there more quickly than necessary.

Now, ubiquitous means to be everywhere seemingly all at the same time.  And that is exactly how I've been feeling.  Not that I've been able to be ubiquitous, but rather that I feel I should be.

The last month has been exhausting and overwhelming.  I knew coming home from Cuba that I had painted myself into a corner with plans for every day off from now until the end of April.  I knew it would be busy and that I would be stretched thin.  Of course, fate would have an additional crisis land square in the middle of that time.  I needed to be more places than I could be at one time.

I wasn't sleeping.  I wasn't really even eating.  I tried to multi-task, but ended up exhausted and getting little done.  Instead of being good at everything, I was sucking at it all.

I started having moments of being unable to breathe.  It was as though a vice had been put around my ribs making it impossible to draw a full breath.  I thought it was due to an anti-biotic I was taking, but when the drug was done, and the symptom continued, I explained the symptoms to co-workers -- they were pretty sure it was a panic attack.

I did my best to focus my energy and exercise.  I took baths and walks and tried to work through the stress.

It didn't work.  The pain in my chest and the lack of breathing was still there.

Imagine my surprise when I went to the massage therapist and chiropractor today.  The RMT took one feel around my back and told me all my ribs on the right side were out of place.  A few pushes in the right direction later and -- while not all are back in place -- I can breathe again.

Good to know I'm just regularly stressed and not medically uber stressed.

If I could only work on being everywhere at once, it would all be good.


  1. Glad someone could help. We worry about you, Sweetheart.

  2. Sincerely glad that it was something "fixable." Stress is incredibly hard on the body (said the expert on giving herself stress headaches!) I like the way that you're dealing with this month's prompts. It's an interesting take.


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