Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Anchor -- Four years of love

Four years ago in February, I was sitting alone in my house.  I had three dogs, two sisters, and no direction.  I realized that the men I had dated were not what was good for me and I was going to have to do something differently if I wanted to change that.  I signed up for Lava Life the next day.

I knew if I didn't, I was going to live in the spinster house forever.

After chatting with a few different people, I ran across Woodrow (later know to you as The Guy).  His comments were witty, his grammar decent and his picture flattering.  We decided to meet for coffee to see if the online matched with the real life.

Here is an account of our first date.

Thankfully, we continued to see each other.  Each date was better than the last.  Although, there was a brief hiccup when a friend teased me about our upcoming third date so much I got a migraine from the worry that The Guy would be angry if I didn't put out.  (Just so you know: I didn't and he wasn't.)

It was our fifth date that I knew I was done for.  We walked across the room and he gently rested his hand on my lower back.  Right then, I was caught.  The thought of being without him was more than I could bear, so I knew I had to keep him.

I'm so very glad I did.

He has become my court jester, my champion, my mind reader, my best friend.

Now, if only he'd be my Sugar Daddy too.

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  1. I knew he was a keeper when he helped me move into my new apartment AND brought us the most enormous slurpees in the world. Well done!

  2. RE: Like button and tweetability. I thought you getting married would make you less emotionally needy.

    I'm glad you took a chance and went on that 3rd date. :)

  3. Wait wait: is his full first name Woodrow? Because that might be my most favourite thing ever.

    And I'm glad that you guys found each other. The Guy is fantastic, and now you're no longer threatening to steal my husband from me.

  4. Lyn: That's a good point! He did!!

    Janny: I know, you would have thought so. PS, I'm glad we did too.

    Queen: His name isn't Woodrow. It was his screen name. I was I_MayB. He is fantastic and I think I will keep him. Though, I do love your husband.

  5. Okay. I was wondering if that was what I missed by not attending your wedding.

    If his name was really Woodrow, I would have had to buy him a bow tie.

  6. Good to see you happy, girl. You did indeed get a keeper.

  7. That is so awesome... I somehow missed that you met him online. I love it, and congratulations. :)

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  10. Super-Duper site! I am loving it!! Will come back again – taking your RSS feeds also, Thanks.



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