Sunday, February 13, 2011

Don't lick the pigeons

I find pigeons fascinating.  They are beautiful and strange creatures that seem to be every where despite not being cared for at all by man.  They exist in all sorts of weather: from -40 degrees to +40.

But what I love most, is how much LynnieC hates them.

When we were in Havana, I told my SiL Kelly about Lyn's fear of pigeons.  I explained that Lyn finds them disgusting that says they spread diseases.

Kelly looked at me in surprise and said, "So don't lick the pigeons."

Well, heck.  There we go.


  1. Makes sense. Obviously Kelly is an engineer.

  2. I'm thinking I like Kelly. That sounds about like a response that I would give my kids...i.e., "My ear hurts when I stick my finger in it." "Don't stick your finger in it!"

    But pigeons are gross, in a dirty, disease spreading, facsinating way!

  3. And I completely misspelled fascinating. Nice.

  4. Pigeons are the devil's birds. Rats with wings, as my friend Lily says.
    There was a little boy walking in front of us the other day and he was chasing all of the pigeons. It was the best ever. I've decided that when I'm totally wealthy, I'm hiring a little boy to chase pigeons away as I walk down the street. Money well spent.


Crap monkies say "what?"