Friday, February 11, 2011

When will it be over?

I looked out the back door the other day and saw my poor swing set covered in snow. The outdoor playsets of the adult world are abandoned due to weather.  The snow in the yard is level with the bench I love to lounge on.  The canopy is covered in 4 inches of snow causing it to sag a little under the weight.  It made me sad to see it out there all alone.  It made me even more impatient for spring.

You see, I love my garden swing.

It is the place where I go to hide.  I love to go there at noon with my book, my iced tea, and my iPod.  I climb  onto the bench (in the shady part, of course) and the dog follows me but sits in the sun at the other end.  I set the swing to rocking and I relax.

All I can hear is the birds, the buzz of the bees, the rock of the swing and the soft music of my iPod.  For a little while, I escape from work and union and responsibility.  For a moment, I am free.

I cannot wait for those days again.

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  1. Tanya is enjoying the CSN website. I am enjoying the fact they don't ship to Ukraine


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