Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The universe was messing with us today

The Guy and I went out to a restaurant tonight with a gift card his parents had given us. To get to the restaurant, we had to take a 10 minute detour.  It led us to a traffic light that didn't change colour and a pile of sand on someone's driveway that had been shaped into three dolphins.

Finally we arrived at the restaurant, ordered our food, had our meal, and... waited.  The people behind us -- who arrived after us by about 20 minutes -- got their bill, carried on, and were replaced by another couple who were waited on.  Other people came and went too.

No one noticed we might want our bill.  Eventually, the waitress dropped off the bill with the typical "There's no hurry" line they like to give.  And there wasn't.  Any hurry.  At all.

For 15 minutes we sat there, with the gift card and some cash to cover the fact Peach Bellini's were on sale, while the waitress flitted too and fro.  The restaurant filled up to the brim, people waited for our table, but still we sat.  It was bizarre.  Finally, she came and took our money so we could leave what had become our well-decorated hell.

Then we went to the store next door to buy a cheap mouse pad.  At first we weren't noticed -- you know, the typical customer service these days where you ignore anyone walking into a building -- but then a nice young man came up and helped me when I practically yelled "I'm not paying $20 for a mouse pad!".  When he figured out the prices were marked wrong, I grabbed what I needed, and walked to the till.  There, I smiled at the dorky little clerk.  He choked on his own spit, mumbled something and ran away.

The Guy and I stood there for enough time to pick out two movies from the under $7 bin.  (What?  The Replacements was a good movie!!)  Then I noticed something else.  The original price tag said $6.98.  The sale price tag?  Said $7.99.  It was just too weird.  Eventually, the same young man from the first time came up to the till.  I explained the error on the DVD and he rang it through.  Yup, it came up at the "sale" price.  He fixed it and we ran to the car.

It was a whole lot of stupid all in one day.  We didn't want to see what else was waiting for us.

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  1. Hey, Universe, the lights are on but no one is home.


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