Saturday, October 02, 2010

If he poops in my house while I'm gone, I'm selling him on Ebay.

I'm heading out the door in a minute to go to a wedding for a friend.  Knowing we'll be gone until the wee small hours, I thought I would take Monty out for one last go at his "spot".  Ever since we got the grass installed, Monty has been refusing to do his bizniz on the patch of rock in the back that has been his spot for over a year now.  Instead, he does his "little job" as Grandma L would say and then feigns that there is no more to be done. 

Fast forward ahead three and a half seconds and the dude is taking his "big job" right on the lawn.  Screaming and chasing him has no effect other than to scare him halfway in and out.  That is not good for anyone, so I just mumble that he is the worst dog ever and clean it up right away.

Today, there wasn't even that much of a job.  Instead, we played ball in the grass for 20 minutes and then he decided it was time to go back inside.  We will be gone for the next 8 or so hours, so I hope he can hold it.

If not, check your local Ebay for a listing.


  1. Kennel time! We never leave the house unless Milkyway is with us or in his kennel. Better safe than sorry.

  2. Your confused brother03/10/2010, 20:03

    You get angry at him for deuceing on the lawn? ???

  3. Your brother06/10/2010, 16:14

    Did I mention not letting a dog poop on grass is the stupidest f^*$ing thing I've ever heard? And I only censored that is to not offend any Aunts that read this. Well, not as badly.

  4. Monty has a spot on the gravel where he can poop! That way, no accidentally stepping in poop and no damaging the grass. Its easy, he knows it's "his spot". Also, I don't have to pick up as often.

  5. "scare him half in and half out" - I laughed out loud at that one.
    Plus your brother's hilarious.
    Man, I love your family.


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