Thursday, October 07, 2010

Family heirlooms: aka more crap I've found

I've been sorting through my Mom's old sewing stuff.  Yes, Mom died 6 years ago.  Yes, I moved 3 times since then.  Yes, I do spend a lot of time watching NCIS reruns.  Shut up.

Tonight, I had a bit of ADHD (or, as we call it in the biz, a small manic episode) where I was very productive for about 2 hours.  I finished 4 projects and got them ready for sale and then decided that a bin I've been ignoring for 6 years was bothering me.

Armed with 2 garbage bags and my camera, I went through the bin.  I found a lot of things I will never use again -- dried flowers being the main thing -- and a few things that were pretty awesome.  I posted the most hilarious iron on decals here (on my other site, I know, I know, but I hate double posting) but saved some of the actually cool things for here.

Okay, cool is a relative term.  But whatever.

blue bird pillow cover
I'm pretty sure my mom made this back in the day.  I remember it being on her bed for ages.  I loved this pillow even though it left indents on your face if you accidentally fell asleep on it.

old timey letter and pattern
This letter is from a pattern department.  It was mailed to my Auntie Jean for whom I am middle named after (but with the French spelling: Jeanne.  I am unique.  Like everyone else.)  If you look on the post mark, it says May of 1944.  That's 66 years ago, yo.

Sorry about the "yo".  I was trying it out.

I didn't open the pattern because I was scared to break it.  But I thought it was awesome anyway.

Hankies.  Pretty. And gross.
I have a love / hate relationship with hankies.  They are very pretty.  Very practical.  Very green.  And very, very disgusting.  I mean, they are so people can carry around snot in their pockets.  How disgusting is that?  I'd rather kill the Earth, thank you very much.

Last, but not least, I will give you a sneak preview of the post I mentioned.  Here is the most offensive pattern ever.  Nothing like a racist hot mat to make your house a home.

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