Friday, October 15, 2010

Boobs and memory loss

I am a big fan of putting things away "for safe keeping" or "where I wil never lose it".  I put things away in the same place they were the first time I used them, thinking that I will remember that place when I need the item.  I am most often completely wrong.

You would think I would understand this about myself and do the sensible thing -- ie: actually put something where it belongs and/or will be safe.  Ah, apparently, you do not know me.

I have been saving a gift certificate for a while now.  I have been waiting to settle to a normal weight after losing so much with the diagnosis of Celiac's disease in March.  I figured that I would get the girls a nice new home (in this case "the girls" mean "Laverne and Shirley" not Ky and LynnieC) so as to flaunt my weight loss. 

Since I have stopped the constant-weight-loss-despite-eating-crap, aka: the best time of my life, I decided that this would be the week I get my fancy new digs.  The day I went out to use my gift certificate, I decided I should actually find it.  I looked in my wallet (reasonable thought) but couldn't find it.  Then, I looked in my other wallet that carries all my extra cards and things.  It wasn't there. 

I checked the lock box where The Guy keeps important things.  Not there.  Then I checked every pocket of every purse I had in my closet.  Nothing.  I tore apart the house.  I moved things, cleaned out drawers and searched through books and boxes.  Nothing.

Finally I remembered what I had done with it.  It is in the pocket of my purple purse!!!  You know, the purple purse.  Um, where did I put that again?  It's not in my closet.  Not in the spare closet.  Not in the sewing room.  Oh crap.  Did I give it to Value Village??

No, I couldn't have done that.  It's got to be somewhere.  I searched everything again.  Nothing.

In the end, I decided to go out and use some other gift certificates I had.  I went to the cheap bra shop and bought some on sale.  Four bras and seven pair of underwear for the same price as one bra in the fancy shop.  The girls are happy enough, but know these are just a cheap alternate until I find the other gift certificate.

Then we're going uptown, ladies.


  1. Naming my boobs is something I've never really got around to doing. I should get on that.

  2. Just think, in another 20 years you will wear a 44 Long.


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