Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Three Words: Word One

I've been having a hard time with creativity and (after looking on the thesaurus for 10 minutes) finding words.  I haven't felt like writing lately and am choked by the things I want to say.  Not in a bad way, just a way that leaves me speechless with my mouth open and my brain moving rapidly in circles.

I'm feeling a bit like the hamster at my brain wheel is out of control.

So, I decided to go looking for inspiration.  And came across an old Plinky email.

Name three words you would use to describe your family.

This struck me as interesting considering the changes that have occurred in our family in the last few years.  I thought I would give it a shot.  I'm doing it in 3 posts though b/c otherwise you will all be bored to death.

Once, we were all in place.  We were a mom and a dad and a brother and two sisters and me.  With dogs.  In one place.  We were a family and we had stability.

Then, one day, our lives changed.  We started to grow up and out of our parents' home.  We moved to places of our own within the city and without.  But, home was always the same.  Where our parents lived.

When Mom died, Dad moved into a condo, Grae got married and moved to Red Deer, Ky moved to Saskatoon, and Lyn moved in with me.  I tried to keep my home as home base, so we always had somewhere to come back to.  A centre.

Then, Dad got married and fled the country, Grae and Mel stayed in Red Deer, Ky moved to Victoria, Lyn moved to Edmonton, and I was still here.  In a smaller home, one that couldn't keep the whole family together any more.

I got married and started my own little family of: me, The Guy, and Monty.  The rest of the family is still scattered all over, but they are now home where they are instead of home where I am.  It's been a big adjustment for me -- someone who needs to be surrounded by family at all times -- but I realized I cannot hope they are change their life directions just so I have someone to watch So You Think You Can Dance with.


  1. HA! I always wondered how your Dad and Tanya got together. Thank you. :)

  2. Glad to help. Any other questions and I will try and link you up!

  3. You should all get TV Time Choice, so you can watch SYTYCD with your sisters any time. Totally worth it.

  4. You are soooo lucky I never knew about "Mindy" or I would have set you up soooo bad.


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