Friday, September 10, 2010

Sweating and Snacking -- two things I'm good at

A month or so ago, I was contacted by a group wanting to send me the new Kraft Sweat and Snack package.  Since I've been slacking on the Wii lately, I thought I would give it a try.

Today, it arrived in the mail!

Well, at first I thought it was a garbage can.  It came in a large package with a garbage can on the side.  Since I didn't order a garbage can, I was confused.

Look, goodies!!

When I opened it, I knew my kit had finally arrived.  I was super pumped!  I love things in boxes, it's like Christmas any time of the year.

Even Monty was pretty excited.
 I love exercise equipment.  I know that is weird, considering how difficult I find it to be active, but I love the feel of gym mats, pulleys, exercise balls, etc.  One by one, I opened the containers and examined my haul.

The goods.  Also, Monty saw a camera, so posed.
 I got an exercise ball (in pink!), a yoga mat (it's squishy!), three different stretchy pull things to help with muscles and things (I'm awesome at exercise), a nifty gym bag (in neon!), a skipping rope, and 3 types of rice thins. 

This was one of the real reasons I wanted to get this package.  The Kraft Rice Thins Brown Rice Crisps in three varieties.  They are all gluten free!  Since my diagnosis with Celiac's Disease in March, I've been on the hunt for good snacking material. 

After playing with the pulley things (I'm so weak!) and taking way too long to figure out how to get into the yoga mat bag (side zipper), I sat down to try the Rice Crisps.  First up: Sour Cream and French Onion -- pretty good, nice taste, will likely be a regular in my snack closet.  Second: Sweet Mesquite Barbecue -- really quite good, very BBQ ish and will be good to replace my favourite Mesquite chips which I can't eat any more.  Third and finally: Sea Salt and Pepper -- I'm a big baby, so these were too peppery.  I liked them, but likely not one I will keep.

Now that I've talked about them again, I'm going to go back upstairs and get some more.

Tomorrow, I will work out!


  1. Tough blow with the celiac's disease. I hope you're feeling better since they figured that out. Sounds like an awesome and delicious pack of goodies. I think I should have some giant rubber bands!

  2. Wha??? How did they contact you about it? IIII want that, tooooo.

  3. They emailed me! I might be able to get more rice thins, but I could allow you to use my other goods!

  4. I want those things?! How do you get those things?! And, sadly, I'm talking about the exercise equipment and not the snacks.


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