Monday, August 09, 2010

The story of our lawn

On Thursday, we arranged to get sod.  It was to be delivered by 11am, so I took the day off work to help.  Since The Guy did everything else in the yard, I thought the least I could do was help with sod.  Actually, the least I could do would be to watch him put sod in, but I think that's a hanging offence. 

At 11am, The Guy called our supplier for the grass.  Their driver didn't show.  He'd be to the yard by 12:30, so would deliver shortly after that.  I had a nap and read a book.  By 2:30, we were all a little antsy.  The Guy's dad had taken some time off to help, but he went back to work.  Two other guys we had lined up were only available for a limited time, so it was starting to look like it would be the two of us moving 4 pallets of sod by ourselves. 

Finally, at 3:30pm, we saw the truck drive by with our sod.  Yes, that's right, he drove by.  He got lost.  The Guy called his buddies and they came back over to help for the limited time they had.  Finally the sod guy arrived and unloaded the sod.   We started moving pieces of it before he had it set down on the ground. 

We were on a schedule here, people!

With five of us, all moving as fast as our little legs could carry us, we laid the sod.  It was green and lush and plentiful -- there was a little issue with trying to figure out the amount we'd need!  With the lawn area being mostly round, my job and the job of The Guy's dad was to cut the grass sections to fit the rounded edges.  Armed with two $1 steak knives, we went to town hacking and cutting. 

In less than two hours, it was all in place.  I was sweating in places I didn't know could sweat and aching in places I thought I'd lost.  But we had GRASS!!!!!

I wish I had taken a picture when it was first done.  It was green and pretty then.  Now it's having a time to settle and it's hot out and dry despite watering 2 times a day for 30 minutes a section.  Or more, if I forget to set an alarm.

Look!  It's GRASS!
So far, Monty hasn't defiled it.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed!


  1. Looking good, girl. A year from now and it will be beautiful lush green grass with no signs of ever having been sod. Go get it Monty!

  2. I have to do this. I was going to destroy and seed. Sod is better? You did all the research, yes? Share the knowledge!

  3. Dad: Do not encourage him.

    Roger: Sod is more expensive, but quicker. If you have no one who will walk on the grass while it's growing, seed is just fine and cheaper.


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