Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mr. Scratchy McScratcherton

Mr. Montel*
Monty is a pretty well behaved dog.  As long as his mother and sister aren't around, he listens to me, sits on command, doesn't bark a lot, and can be walked off leash.

There are only two times he is a real problem.  And both of those are when he's alone.  First, he will not be kept under lock and key. Any attempts to cage kennel him or gate him have been unsuccessful.  Second, he goes a little mental when we return to the house. 

He has started clawing at the wall beside the door when he feels we are taking too long to get inside.  We can hear him.  We yell at him from outside, but it only succeeds in making him claw faster as though it's a race to see who can reach the other first. 

I have a key, Monty.  You're trying to claw through 5 inches of plaster and insulation.

I bought a plant and set it on the table by the door in hopes the leaves will freak Monty out and keep him away.  So far, not so much, but I've noticed the plant growing toward the light and more into Monty's way.

Sometimes, though mean, it is helpful to play off the neurosis of whatever creature you're trying to outsmart.  In hopes it doesn't backfire and he starts eating the plant. 

I'll let you know how it goes.

*He posed for 10 minutes like this. It's hard to get an au naturalle picture when he knows what a camera is for.

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  1. it is helpful to play off the neurosis of whatever creature you're trying to outsmart

    Husbands, fathers, siblings, bosses, neighbours...


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