Saturday, August 14, 2010


I have Obsessive Compulsive Tendancies.  Okay, it's not a technical diagnoses, but it is true.  Anytime I tell anyone about my issues, they look at me like I'm criminally insane.  And then they suggest medication.

I decided to share my neuroses with the world, so you don't feel alone in yours.
  1. I do things in increments of 2s.  If I turn on the volume to the TV, it has to be an even number.  I can put it on 11 if I have to, but it makes me uncomfortable.
  2. I buy candy in increments of 5s and 10s.  Unless the candy is 25 cents.  Then I can only buy in 2s or 4s.
  3. I count steps.  Not all the time, but often.  I forget them immediately upon counting them, but I count nonetheless.
  4. I repeat lisence plates to myself in case they do something illegal and I have to report them.
  5. Sometimes, when I can't sleep, I pretend I'm just going to have a nap and then I drift off.
  6. I like cutlery stacked up neatly on top of one another in like genre.
I'm sure there are many, many more.  But these are the ones I can think of.  The Guy said, as I listed them off to a group of friends one night, "At least my neurosis lead to a clean house."


  1. i'm the same with the volume ... for the tv and car radio ... i can have it on 15 or 25 if i have to ... but odd numbers like 9 and 11 and 13, no way!

    i also have to check my stove elements before i can fall asleep ... even if i haven't used them in days. i'll stand in front of the stove with my hand on each element in turn and count to 10.

    i often fall asleep with the tv on, but can't fall asleep until there is something good on to fall asleep to ... ncis reruns come in very handy for this purpose.

    tip of the iceburg! :)

  2. I'm bad with stoves and irons (curling, clothes, flat). . . . I have to check multiple times to make sure they're off. I once drove from City Hall back to Indian Head because I was sure I'd left my flat iron plugged in. I'm also marginally bad about making sure doors are locked and the garage door is down. I probably get to the end of the block and drive back to check the garage door once a week. I hear Prozac helps, but then I'd be obsessed with the fact I'm on Prozac.

  3. You really should call it cot because then it is alphabetical.

  4. I count how many gulps it takes to drink a glass of water, every time. i also have a real desire to purchase pens. Whether or not i need them or use them, i want them... and have to sometimes physically talk myself out of buying them.


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