Saturday, February 20, 2010

Those damn carrots. They're the instigators.

I was cleaning up the counter after having cut up some broccoli for lunch.  I don't know how broccoli does it.  One cut and there are a thousand little pods of broccolis everywhere.

Me [grumbling]: "Stupid broccoli.  Miracle food, my ass.  If it was miracle food, it would clean up after itself."
The Guy: Yeah, and it wouldn't taste like broccoli.
Me: You love broccoli.
The Guy: [bletch]
Me: Fine.  Get yourself some carrots.
The Guy: Don't even get me started on carrots.


  1. I ate a vegetable once. Everyone should. Just for the experience.

  2. Your Brother21/02/2010, 08:04

    Bronwyn, I have an awesome story for you about broccoli. Give me a shout so I can tell you. Not blog read by aunties appropriate.


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