Saturday, February 20, 2010

Projects, lists, and plans

I have been a knitting fiend lately.  I actually stayed at work for an extra 10 minutes one day so I could finish what I was working on.  It has been an exciting discovery which has lead The Guy to shake his head and realized I have, indeed, lost my mind.  I started knitting a puppy sweater for Monty.  Although, Ky thinks I'm in over my head, that's just how I role.  I didn't want to practice on more scarves or toques.  I don't need any.  I need a puppy sweater.  In Rider green.

However, once I started knitting, I realized I needed a bag to put all my knitting things in.  I was using a small Rocky Mountain Soap Company bag, but it wasn't quite cutting it.  I had a brilliant idea for what I wanted in a bag to keep things organized.  So, I designed one and made it.  Today.

In order to do that, I had to first enlist The Guy for help.  We picked up the table I needed which had been left at the church after the wedding.  We set it up, ran power for it, and I set up a sewing area.  It looks great!  I'm starting to get organized and it took care of one more thing on my list of things I wanted to accomplish.  So, I started to sew.

Here is the final product.  I've found a few things I would change about it, but it's just the prototype for me, so it's okay.  I plan to make many others now that I have this layout and either give them away or sell them.  It didn't take too long, so I figure it will be okay.

Vintage 70s Fortrell which I picked up from a coworker's MiL when she moved.  
I've been dying to use it.

Inside the bag on the right side.  
It has four slots for tall needles and 4 for shorter ones.

Inside the bag on the left side.
One large pocket with flap (large enough to hold a 6" ruler)
and two open pockets for miscellaneous.

Top down view of the inside of the bag.


  1. I love Rocky Mountain Soap Company.

  2. That bag is awesome! Way to go. :)

  3. Bag Lady. Old Bag Lady.
    Make one for Tanya, too. she will love it.

  4. I am ordering my bag now. That is awesome.

  5. I want one!
    I would buy one if you made another one. Seriously. And pay for shipping. That is how badly I want one.

  6. Oh, Bronwyn, such talent just beginning to show itself, combined with a little compulsive behavior, the sky is the limit. Go Girl.

  7. your brother21/02/2010, 08:02

    Bronwyn, when did you turn 70? Oh I think I got my answer. My word verification is wedings.

  8. That's a fantastic bag! I'm so glad that you have your sewing area set up now.

  9. LOVE the bag! I think with a bag like that I wouldn't be scared to progress from knitting straight flat things to knitting touques and mittens and sweaters (oh my!).

  10. I want to learn to knit now so that I can request one! But my follow-thru is poor, so it's a longshot -- your creative genius blows my mind though! :)

  11. Ha. My brother is hilarious.

  12. Wow! You guys are all so nice. I mean, except for my brother and Lyn. You two can bite me. The rest? Thanks so much!!

  13. Love the bag. I'd love to barter something gluten free for one. I suspect that it would be more like many gluten free things.


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