Saturday, February 27, 2010

February blues list of things done and not done

In January, I made a list and at the end of the month, I explained how I did with that list.  I decided to do a recap of February and see how things went.

  • I did organize my sewing room and I love it.  I've sewed one full knitting bag, cut out patterns to two others, and have spent numerous hours holed away in there and ignoring my husband.  I have not had a dedicated sewing room for years I am I nearly giddy with the joy of it.
  • I learned to knit and made a dog sweater.  Sure, it was a bit presumptuous for a first solo project, but I am really thrilled I did it.  Of course, I made it too small for Monty (although I did take pictures of him in it.  Hilarious!) and now it will be sent to his sister Vicki who lives with my grandma.  I have started a second one which will be proper sized and I hope there are many less mistakes in it.
  • I emptied 3 more boxes from the basement.  In March, I would like to finish emptying them all and go through the bin of "craft" things I have accumulated over the years.  Any one want some fake holly sprigs?
  • I sucked at the Wii.  I was away for over a week in Victoria and then was away for union work.  Then I just didn't feel like it and then I started working.  Boo.  Back to the grind.  Later.  We'll be away for a week in March, so it might be lonely for a bit longer.


  1. My most hearty congratulations for your sewing room! If I could find the time to clean out the basement, I could have at least a sewing spot. As it is, I drag all my sewing shit up to the living room and spread out. Dood, my husband HATES that. :D

  2. I'm pretty sure my husband would leave me if I did that. I can see his head exploding from the little pieces of thread and material floating around.

  3. PLease, please, please put up pictures of Monty in the sweater. Please.

    ps. I miss you!

  4. Oh, definitely need pics of the too-small sweater on the tortured, but loved and obedient Monty. What a trooper.


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