Wednesday, January 27, 2010

January non-resolution recap

Sometime in the early part of this month, I made a list.  I promptly forgot all about it.  So, to recap and remind, here it is below with what I did and didn't and sort of did do.

  • To finish my thank you cards by the end of the second week of January and mail them. DONE! JAN 10
  • To empty and sort the junk drawers  NOT DONE.  Oops.  On to next month.
  • To go through my closet and pare down the amount of clothes I have in there. DONE! JAN 22
  • To go through a couple of the boxes now littering the basement. Pare down, delegate, toss, etc.  SORT OF DONE.  I got rid of three more boxes and will clean out a few more when Lyn comes to visit.
  • Organize my sewing area and set up my sewing machine. SORT OF DONE.  I have organized the room better, started planning where things will go, but still no table set up.  I keep forgetting to get it from the church.
  • To eat more responsibly this includes: SORT OF DONE, BUT NOT REALLY  This I have not done so well with.  I have brought more lunches to work (Yay me!) but the Tim's and take out is still my weakness.  
    • One take out or restaurant meal a week
    • One Timmy's tea a week (one cream and sugar)  
    • Limited pop intake
    • Bring lunches to work
    • Small amounts of snack or dessert -- not nothing, but just a little of some things
  • Walk the dog more often or for longer at one time  NOT DONE.  It's been -30 and/or blizzarding steadily for the last few weeks.  When the weather was good, we went.  Not good, not going.
  • Work out on the Wii and the elliptical every week (at least 3 times in total) SORT OF DONE I still haven't tried the elliptical, but the Wii has been fun.  I've worked out on it at least three times a week (even going five one week!) and will keep at it.  I haven't lost any weight, but I'm feeling better and hoping that counts.
So, for February, I plan to keep hacking away at this list.  I would like to lose one inch of my waist (so far, I've lost it but it's under my belly) and to try not to overdo it when I go out to see Kyfor a week.


  1. Hang in there, Girl, you can do it. Slowly but surely.
    Tanya and I looked at bathroom scales in Comfy Electronics store yesterday. Most go to 150 kg and a few go to 180 kg. My kind of weigh scales. We decided we didn't want to know.

  2. Feeling better always counts!

  3. prairie nymph29/01/2010, 20:48

    you are building muscle. scales don't count.
    i'm impressed. i got my husband to do most of the organizing stuff on my to do list. that counts?


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