Friday, January 22, 2010

I get Tourettes when I exercise

Is that normal?

Every time I work out, I get Tourettes.  I start out slow with the odd "Dammit!" here and there, but as the intensity of the workout increases, so does my vocabulary.

Sometimes I am glad no one but The Guy and Monty listen to me work out.  It is not a pretty thing.  Not to mention how bad it is to watch me when I work out.

Here is a list of things I said while working out today.  Note: This is toned down so my aunties who read it don't die from the shame of swear words.

Not that I say those.  Nope.

Anyway, on with the list.

  • Son of a ...  (there were many variations on this theme)
    • motherless goat
    • biscuit maker
    • heartless hooker
  • Ha! Suck on THAT you stupid bird.
  • Ack.  I cannot jump over that many wood things.
  • I keep hitting the wall!  Stupid effing bike.
  • Unbalanced?  I will give you unbalanced, you bastard.
  • I hate you, smug hula man.
  • No! NO!!!  NO!!!  Dammit.  Wall.
  • Yes, I'm shaky.  I'm standing on one leg.  You're a computer.  YOU don't get shaky.  You don't have legs.
Sometimes, I think getting into shape is not worth the stress.

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  1. Ha! That's awesome. I've heard my fair share of those colorful phrases. Most of them were directed at me though. And then I would laugh. Probably the best part of my job to be honest.


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