Sunday, December 06, 2009

Christmas came early: Part 1 -- The tree

My husband hates Christmas.  He has worked in retail for 14 years, so he has come by it honestly.  I understand it, really I do.  If Christmas starts in August, it's hard to give a flying rat's rear end about it in December.  But last year when he told me he couldn't have a real tree in the house because of allergies, I was pretty much devastated.

I've had a year to get used to the idea.  I prepared myself for a fake tree.  I thought I wanted a smaller one -- like 5 feet tall -- but couldn't find one I liked.  Finally, we agreed on one that was 7ft tall and had white lights.  I went into a bit of a panic when it sold out just before we bought it, but The Guy prevailed and bought one moments after some other Grinch returned it to the store!

I promised I would not put up decorations until into December.  We've have the outside decorated for awhile consisting of a door wreath, one string of lights, and the BIGGEST WREATH YOU HAVE EVER SEEN that is now attached to our porch.  But I promised the inside would not be decked out until closer to the holidays.

We put up the tree today.  Since The Guy puts together 3 - 5 of them a year, he was in charge and I follow orders.  We like it when our roles are defined.  Also, he got to give orders for a change!  Layer by layer we opened the tree.  I was impressed with what I saw.  It's not the ugly fake trees I pictured from the 80s.  It's  gorgeous!

Now I am sitting here in the living room typing by the light of the tree and being very grateful The Guy put aside his hate-on for Christmas to make me happy.


  1. I like it. It's very pretty.
    Kudos to the guy for hot Scrooging on you.

  2. I don't think I like the sound of "hot Scrooging". But I do love that tree! I'll keep an eye out for pine-scented spray in Alberta and see if we can't fix the plastic scent thing for you.

  3. I'm jealous. I've been whining ... erm, I mean "pining" for a Costco pre-lit tree for, well, EVER!

    Every year I put up my old fake tree on which I have to string lights (I hate stringing lights) and swear that "Next year I'm going to buy that tree from Costco!!!!" By the time the next November comes around, somebody (Scrooge HIMSELF) says, "We can't afford a new tree. Deal with it!"

    So, to cut an unintentionally long story short ... I'm happy for you but a little ticked off at the same time! Enjoy!!

  4. Looks good.
    I understand The Guy. Like working at timmy's and eventually hating coffee and donuts.


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