Monday, December 07, 2009

And then Christmas threw up in our house

Since we got our tree up yesterday, I thought today would be a good day to decorate for Christmas.  And, since I got a new camera for Christmas (that I got to open early! -- because it was never wrapped!) I get to take awesome pictures of said Christmas decorations.

Christmas Angel

Our "fireplace"

Tree fully decorated

The topper -- a penguin in a hat

Don't worry.  
Dave Letterman made the tree this year again.


  1. I'm for everything except David Letterman! Booooo! Nice job on the rest of the decorating though! And seriously, you always have the best word verifications. Today: comenad.

  2. I think David Letterman is the perfect touch to any Christmas tree. Where is your severed baby head topper?

  3. What year did the Letterman tradition start? 2002? You need to laminate it or it will never survive.
    Great decorations, my dear girl.

  4. i first remember Letterman on the tree when i brought dan over the Christmas before we were married... 2005- it was all Letterman, but i don't know how many years you had it before that.


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