Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Today is a bad day and it's only been 20 minutes

I started out in a pretty great mood.  After a not-so-great sleep, I rallied and got out of bed.  I made a lunch (which is unheard of for me on most days) and got ready for work.  Took Monty to visit his mom and stay with her for the morning -- and I got to give belly rubs to two dogs at once.  I left there with a song in my heart and a quick step.  Grabbed my Timmy's and didn't spill it on the floor before I got out the door.  Things were looking up.

Then I walked in the door to work.

You see, Monday I was supposed to testify in court.  I managed to move all my appointments from Monday to Tuesday.  Then on Friday, I was told that I wouldn't be needed until Tuesday now.  Great.  So, I moved all my appointments from Tuesday to next week. 

Tuesday I went to the court house and was referred to a court room.  I waited for an hour before anyone bothered to tell me I was at the wrong court room.  Who knew there would be two cases with the same last name in one day?  I went to the correct court and told them who I was.  Oh.  They didn't need me any longer.  Didn't anyone think to call me?


I left.  Fuming, but knowing that the Labour Standards is to minimum call someone in for 3 hours.  Except then I found out it was 2 hours.  Okay fine.  Not a great thing, but not a total waste.  Fine.

Until I get to work and they say, "Oh, Labour Standards changed.  Now the minimum call in time is set in dollars, so we only have to pay you for the time you were there.  Didn't you know that?"


Then I looked up my cell phone bill.  A bill which is now $15 more than it ever used to be.  I notice a change in the billing, so I call.  Oh, the rates went up.  Didn't anyone send you a letter about that?


So now I am fuming.  I am beyond pissed off.  I want to write that 12 year old lawyer a steaming email in which I tell her she has wasted my ever loving time TWICE NOW because she could not get her act together.  I understand though.  Apparently, they don't teach these things on Sesame Street anymore.  I assume that's where she got her law degree considering she is a TODDLER.

I want to go back home and cuddle under the blankets with a dog who loves me and a book and a cup of tea.  But, I know I cannot do that.  I will tell you one thing though.

If I'm commanded to court again, I'm telling the Queen she can bite me.

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  1. You are funny when you are mad. I'm happy to stay out of your way today.


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