Thursday, October 01, 2009


When picking our FREE!! tickets, we had choices between lame magicians, shows I'd already seen, and Jubilee!  Jubilee is one of the longest running Vegas shows and is old skool Vegas of the days of The Rat Pack and mob bosses and real Guys and Dolls.  The costumes are lauded as some of the best show girl outfits on the Strip.  I was sold.  And, there were boobies, so The Guy was in too.

Don't tell Grandma.  She still thinks I should have played Scrabble in Vegas so we wouldn't have had to leave the room.

The night of the big show, we got all dressed up and ready for our big night out.  I was really excited.  We primped, preened and, once satisfied in our own hotness, walked down the Strip to Bally's.  Enroute, I realized I was having chesticular issues-- the vee of the dress was not as modest as I had originally thought.  I pulled and arranged, but realized I was going to need to find something to fix this wardrobe malfunction.

We went to pick up our tickets from the box office.  While chatting with the ticket girl (can I call her that?) I off-handedly inquired if she had a safety pin.  She looked at my chest where my bra was peeking out for the world to see.  "Nah, honey, I don't.  But don't worry.  It's Vegas!  At least yours are real."

We got ourselves seated and waited for the show.  I loved the stage.  It was old school Vegas -- red velvet drapes with golden trim and tassels.  We chatted with the people around us and waited.  The longer we waited, the stranger the people around us became.  The ladies to the right of The Guy were a mother-daughter pair who had just come from Cher the night before.  The daughter was high-functioning cognitively challenged woman of about 40.  She sat rocking back and forth while clapping and cheering wildly each time a new girl came on stage. 

An older male came and sat to my left.  He looked like a late 40s homeless male.  He was dressed in numerous layers, including two hats -- one being a toque which seemed odd in the 35+ weather.  As the showgirls came onto stage, he leaned as far forward as he could, nearly crawling over the seat in front of him.  When the dancers were clothed, he sat back and was completely uninterested.  He repeated this the entire performance.

The performance itself was spectacular.  The costumes were gorgeous.  The dancing was fantastic.  It was very 1940s musical mixed with completely nonchalant toplessness.  I alternated being completely unaware of the nudity I was so mesmerized with the dancing, to being totally overwhelmed by the BOOBIES!!!! 

It was exactly the show to see in Vegas. 

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