Thursday, October 01, 2009

Time share in Vegas

When most people are approached by a heavily made-up middle aged woman offering free tickets to a Vegas show, they think "Okay, what's the catch?"  I do not.  I think "FREE!!!!!!!!!!!"  I can then be found signing up for these "free" tickets, giving away all manner of personal information, and trying to figure out what time would be best for us to go to the 2 hour presentation of the new time share options. 

The Guy is very easy going - thank goodness - he has no problem being taken into these crazy schemes I get us into and then he can be the one to say "no".   I will want to say "no" at the first, but then I start thinking that it wouldn't be such a bad idea and really $400 a month for 3 years for a vacuum isn't really that bad and I don't want to disappoint the salesman....  The Guy will listen politely, look as though he's considering the option seriously and then say "No, we're not interested" even as I am making puppy dog eyes begging to say "yes to the time share".

It was all very interesting to hear, this "Time Share" business which was being put out as "Not your grandparent's time share".  Which is good, since my grandparents time share was the top floor of a run down building that houses ghosts and critters.  It was a lovely idea really and, had I been the type to go to upscale hotels at least 3 times a year, it would have been quite a steal.  However, it's an American company (said with all the snootiness that only a Canadian can muster) and thus cannot go to our favourite vacation spot -- Cuba.*  It had to be turned down.

So after 2 hours, The Guy and I were finally able to say "No" (again, it was The Guy I relied on for the "no". I'm a sucker.) and suddenly, the affable, little Italian salesman was no longer our friend and we were being hustled back out to the short bus with the other rejects as quickly as possible.  But, we got our free tickets for the show, so it was all good.

*  Of course, the fact that Americans can't go there is one of the main things we like about Cuba.  Although, they still allow the Germans and Quebecois there.   Throw in the Toronto-nians and you can hardly tell the difference.

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