Friday, October 02, 2009

Wedding weather

I chose September for a reason.  I love fall.  Cool weather, crisp air, turning colours of leaves and trees, the whole thing.  I love it.  So I expected September -- especially the middle of September -- to be the right time for perfect weather.

Our summer was crap.  It was cold and rainy.  We had about three days of good, scorching, Saskatchewan summer.  August had a couple of warm days, but nothing really that I remember from my childhood.  I thought it boded well for September.  As long as we didn't have snow, I figured it would all be good.

I did not plan for +34 degrees.  (93 degrees F for the fine American folks)  In September.  While I would be wearing 50 pounds of taffeta and silk. In a teeny little church with no air conditioning.

It was a hot day.  A miserable hot day where I sweat off my makeup within the first hour of being in the church.  We then did numerous hours of pictures in the sun.  Finally, after we had had enough of being smiley and sweaty, we did what any smart group of people with a limo for an hour would do.  We made it drive us to a pub.

The whole wedding party walked into our favourite hangout and ordered drinks.  The Guy and I even got a free wedding drink.  It was a red letter day. 


  1. That reminds me. I have to pick up my dress from the cleaner. It smelled sweaty for some reason.

  2. We really should have taken grandma to The Rack. She might have enjoyed herself...or died.


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