Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to Ky

Sister with the giggles.  (me, Ky, Lyn)

Today is my sister, Ky's birthday.  She turns almost 30 today.  I miss her lots.

How do you write about one of the most complicated relationships you have?  Ky is my sister, my friend, my nemesis, my counsellor, my guide, my commiserater,  my hero.  We alternate between getting along famously and screaming at each other.  She's the sibling I turn to when my life is falling apart or I have a huge decision to make.  (Lyn is the one I turn to when I have to fart loudly and need a scapegoat.)

Ky is kind, reserved, and sometimes shy -- until you get her comfortable and then she is hilarious and embarrassing in public.  She is smart but underestimates herself.  She couldn't make a decision even if there is only one option.  She's totally independent and co-dependent at the same time.  She takes amazing pictures and is really artistic-like.

I really like her despite sometimes really wishing I'd beat her up more as a child.

Happy 29th birthday, Ky!


  1. What a great post!

    Happy birthday, Ky :)

  2. Thanks, Bronny! That was a great post.

    I really like you too, but I'm glad you didn't beat me up more as a child.


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