Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Grandma's new dog

This last week, Grandma acquired my sister Ky's dog, Vicki.  Vicki is a loud little barker and risked Ky being homeless while finishing grad school.  So, since Grandma has been a few months since her beloved Davy died, it was decided Vicki would go to her. 

While Dad and Tanya were in Victoria, they picked up Vicki and took her across country to Grandma.  It was like Red Riding Hood, but with a dog instead of goodies and there was no basket.  Or wolf.  Okay, so it's only like Red Riding Hood in that they were going to Grandma's.  I DIGRESS.

The first night Vicki was at Grandma's, Dad was there too.  Vicki used to be Dad's dog.  Then he moved to Ukraine and I inherited her.  Then I needed to downsize dogs to one, so Vicki went to Ky the same time Madison went to Kelly.  And now, Vicki is going to Grandma.  That dog gets around.  But as soon as Dad showed up, Vicki thought she was his dog again.  She was pretty unpleased to find out that she would not be sleeping on Dad's pillow that first night.  She whined for a bit and then plopped herself in her little bed.  When Dad and Tanya left the next morning, Vicki was again unpleased to be left behind.

We checked on Grandma a couple of times in the next few days.  Vicki seemed to settle in and Grandma was doing well.  Tonight, I talked to Grandma who was looking for Ky.  Grandma wanted to tell Ky how well "that little black dog" is doing.  However, she didn't want to BRAG about that for fear Ky felt that she was being replaced too quickly. 

Grandma sounds better than she has in months.  She is out playing and walking Vicki down to visit "the ladies".  She is amazed at how much Vicki can sleep and how fast she can run.  Vicki now sleeps with Grandma - on her bed, under her covers.  Grandma says "she sure likes to get close". 

I think it's a very good match.


  1. Aww. That's heart warming.
    Perfect story to start my day.

  2. I'm so glad your Grandma has Vicki! I was worried about how she'd fare after Davey died. Those two will keep each other young!

  3. You guys sure do shuffle dogs.

    That is not a euphemism.

    I'm glad she's doing well with your Gramma... they seem like a good pair. :)


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