Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Fun in funeral; Pro in program

I am currently sitting here scanning programs from funerals from relatives and friends in the last 10 years. 

For any other person, this would be completely horrifying.  For me?  Well, it's a part of life and at least they aren't sitting in a box somewhere.  Instead, they will be taking up Ks on the computer.  Okay, on my father's computer.

I know many people are a little afraid of death.  Either that or a little leery of speaking of it or just not often touched by it.  As my father and I were reminiscing about the one month there were 6 or 7 funerals of friends and/or relatives, The Guy commented he likely had not been to that many funerals in his entire life.  And he's not alone.  A lot of friends haven't had a lot of deaths in their lives and so don't have the casual attitude that we (my family - immediate and extended) have acquired.

Don't get me wrong.  Death is serious business.  It sucks and I hate it and people die that I actually would have liked to have kept with me.  But it's part of life and, for me, it's the living that is more important.  I don't want to give Death that power.  So, I scoff in the face of death. 

We have a huge family.  HUGE.  Our immediate is just a normal size, but then we branch out.  We are still in pretty regular contact with up to our 5th removed cousins.  That makes a lot of relatives.  It means that of 400 people in a room, we're related to (in some way, directly or indirectly) about 75% of them.  Accordingly, a lot of relatives makes for a lot of weddings, babies, anniversaries, reunions, and funerals.

So you learn to put the emphasis on the good things.  You mourn the dead - just ask anyone who watched me drool snot down my face at my mother's funeral - but you also learn to put Death in it's place.  Because if you don't, it will drown you.  So, I make inappropriate jokes about greasy faces, open caskets, stirring ashes, and the giant stack of funeral programs I currently have littering my table in front of me.

It's going to get us all one day.  I'm going to get my shots in while I can.


  1. Have you ever counted how many funerals you've been to? It's crazy. I know people my age that have never been to a funeral. SO WEIRD.

  2. I had been to 1 before I started seeing Laura. My Great-Grandmother's, and she died when I was 17. Since then I still have not been to a single one for another member of my family but have been to 3 or 4 for members of her family, still not bad for 13 years of adulthood.

    I did feel bad about missing my boss's funeral in January because he was a good guy and was taken way too soon...stupid cancer, but I don't need to tell anyone who reads this blog about that...but I was unable to physically get out of bed the day of his funeral...stupid back surgery.


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