Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A picture of domesticity

Today, The Guy has been shoveling rock into a wheel barrow, driving it down to the end of the yard and dumping it. He started in the wee hours of the morning (I think around 8am *shudder*) and by the time I was up to go to my meeting, he had done a good chunk of the side yard. We are rocking the entire side of the yard near the shed and past the "planter"* so that Monty will have a place to go do his thing without damaging the grass. We have about 690,000** square feet of yard so there is no worry we won't have enough space for grass.

I felt bad skipping out on helping with the rock. I was ready all last week when The Guy was off, but Mother Nature kicked us in the shins and made it rain for, oh, three months or so. Today, the day I have a meeting, it was sunshine and lollipops. The Guy started heavy, manual labour and I went to keep notes at a meeting. My life is so hard. Thankfully, the neighbour came over and helped The Guy shovel rock for our whole side despite the fact his side of the yard only took 1 yard of the 8 yards of rock The Guy ordered. Now that's a nice neighbour.

By the time I got home from my meeting, they were almost done. I had brought lunch and a 12 pk of Coke, so felt I had contributed. I changed clothes and, once the guy had inhaled his sandwich, went out to help finish the last little bit. I shoveled three wheelbarrows full and that was that. They were done. I admit, I felt bad. But, at least I had been able to make the gesture of help. It's all about the gesture. You don't actually have to be useful as long as you look like you wish you could have been.

Once inside, The Guy went off to shower. I got the idea to make his favourite chocolate chip cookies and then a couple of lasagnas. As I was busy baking the cookies and laying out the lasagna noodles, I thought to myself "I should call Grandma and brag".

*planter: will likely end up being a garden of weeds. I don't do so much with the planting.

** This is an exaggeration. It should in no way be considered accurate. It is merely for better storytelling.


  1. I can tell by the ** you're taking that sermon on truthfulness to heart.

  2. Sounds like your relationship is off to a rocky start

  3. Ky: That's what The Guy said too. I told him that everything I say needs to come with a disclaimer

    Blog Fodder: UGH. BAD JOKE.

  4. I love sunshine and lollipops.


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