Thursday, August 27, 2009

Miscellaneous garbage

The dog has been staring at me for the last hour trying to get me to go to bed. I got up off the couch and tried to shoo him into the bedroom to sleep with The Guy, but nothing doing. So I made a bed of his favourite blanket in his favourite chair and he condescended to sleeping there for awhile. Try explaining to a dog that you're working on something and cannot be rushed. Dogs are all about "hey, feed me, walk me, let me out to pee, pay attention to me!!!!" I hear kids are like that too, but you can totally just ignore them.

I am readying myself for another set of nights. I struggle these days to stay up til midnight 10pm on my days off, so suddenly trying to be awake til 8am is a real kick to the shins.

Of course, now that the dog is finally settled, I'm done my project, done my episode of NCIS, and I'm kind of bored. Maybe I should go to bed.

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