Thursday, August 06, 2009

Days of Grace: Today

Since I have obviously lost track (I mean, I haven't done one of these since JUNE!) I am not numbering them any more. I'm just going to do one when the mood strikes me.

  1. Montel got a hair cut. He is soft and fuzzy. And covered in dandruff which might actually be dog skin that was stuck in the razor they shave him with, but I don't want to think about that.
  2. Listening to the rain in an otherwise silent room.
  3. Deep bathtubs. To quote the Golden Girls "I'm am going to draw a bath so the water gently covers the tips of my nipples." "You're only going to bathe in an inch of water?"
  4. The fence looks better every day. It's getting close to completion.
  5. Talking to Grandma. She is buckets of crazy.


  1. Deep bathtubs are amazing. Every bathtub I've ever had has been a shallow piece of crap, and I swear when I own my own house the first thing I'm doing is installing a huge-ass jacuzzi tub. I don't even care if I have basic appliances, as long as I have a ginormous tub. I'll just take the laundry in there with me.

  2. Blanche and Dorothy, I assume. Or perhaps it was Sophia. I would love a couple seasons of that show on DVD


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