Thursday, August 06, 2009

Up all night

I have suffered from insomnia for years. Actually, for the most part, I've enjoyed it. I'm awake when other people aren't. I get things done at weird hours. I enjoy the silence and the sunrise. I don't have as much problems with night shifts, etc. I mean, apart from being tired ALL. THE. TIME.

In the last month, I have slept. I reverted to a normal sleeping schedule and I got a good nights sleep. I had two weeks of day shifts. Then I went on holidays for two weeks. Then getting settled in the house, we started a new routine. I was sleeping. I thought the insomnia was gone.

Silly me.

Last night, for the first time in recent memory (Yes, I have a goldfish for a brain) I could not sleep. I went to bed at 10:30pm -- a little later than "normal" (which should read normally but it looks wrong) -- and I lay there. The Guy had long ago gone to sleep, so I was trying not to disturb him. I lay there. And fought the need to fidget. And toss. And turn.

After an hour of climbing out of my own skin, I got out of bed. I puttered, I read, I lounged. I didn't internet, because I have been trying to cut that out. I tried to sleep on the couch. I tried to sleep on the floor. It was achingly exhausting.

At 2:30am, an hour before The Guy's alarm went off for him to head to work, I finally fell asleep. Face down on the spare bed without removing the covers. I finally slept.

For four hours.

If I don't sleep tonight, I am going to punch a gopher.

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  1. That sounds like a euphemism for something that's not punching a gopher.


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