Saturday, July 18, 2009

It's the music, man

Last night, we went to a Caribbean party. It was full of wonderful food -- jerk chicken, yam potato salad, mango spinach salads, and finished off with barbeque peaches covered in a brown sugar and butter sauce. There were a lot of people and we had a great time. But, it made me realize something. Something I feel I need to admit here.

I hate Bob Marley music.

I know, I know. It's sacrilege. It's inherently wrong. It's against all humanity. I know, I know.


  1. In other circumstances, you would be burned at the stake.

  2. WHAT! You hate Bab Marley, o know that's just wrong.

  3. Rather than being burned at the stake, I think it would be more appropriate if you were dried, crumbled, and smoked.

  4. Crap, I wanted to go to that and totally forgot about it.


Crap monkies say "what?"