Saturday, July 18, 2009

Enterprising little tykes

Our new neighbourhood is pretty great. We live on a small bay inside a larger crescent. Our bay is quiet -- little traffic on or around it. One of the things that initially attracted us to the bay how quiet and family friendly it was that first day. Kids are free to cross the street without worry and can play until their hearts' content.

Since we've moved in, we've come to appreciate just how family oriented the people in our bay are. Every night after work, every garage door goes up and people start to congregate. Kids ride their bikes -- complete with training wheels -- and circle each other laughing. Parents stand around and chat with each other watching their children enjoying the day. Little girls bring out the sidewalk chalk and go to town decorating the middle of the road. It's picturesque.

This week we've had a real show of how things are going to be here.

While we sat down to dinner one night, there was a knock at the door. A young boy from the crescent across the bay stood there. He advised he was selling juice and inquired if we would like some for twenty-five cents a glass. I agreed we would like two glasses, but I only had a dollar so he would have to keep the change. He agreed and said he would bring the juice to us. I watched him skate away on his scooter down the street. Moments later, he came walking back balancing two plastic glasses. It was filled with lukewarm Cherry Koolaid, but he was so excited to sell it to us we had to love it.

Not long afterwards, the door bell rang. Two little girls stood there and, in unison, sang "Jewelry for sale". I went out with them and discovered they were selling jewelry and headbands for ten cents a piece. They assured me they had permission from their mothers. I picked out a pretty pink necklace with butterflies and gave the girls a dollar. I told them to keep the change.

If this keeps up, I'm going to need a steady supply of loonies handy.


  1. When we were kids my brother and I would sit at a table on our driveway yelling KOOL-AID FOR SALE at the top of our lungs. For hours. To this day I'm surprised that our neighbours didn't lynch our parents.

  2. Well, as a long-time wannabe grandfather, I hope you will be adding to the little tykes in the neighbourhood.
    Also check out with other moms how much Hallloween candy you will need for Oct 31st.

  3. Just wait until school starts & they begin canvessing for donations to sports teams/dance class/selling magazine subscriptions.

    You're gonna need more than loonies.


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