Friday, July 17, 2009

So tired... can't blog... zzzz

I am exhaustified. I am sure neither The Guy or I have ever been so tired in all our lives. The Guy's been working for the last 9 days so was putting in 13 - 15 hour days before passing out cold. I've been sick since the weekend so have about 4 hours of solid work in me and then I have to sit down.

We got the house on Monday and moved a few key items in -- bed, couches, plates. Tuesday, it rained all day -- so that day was a bust. We managed to unpack everything we had brought over on the first day and then sat around wishing we could have moved the TV.

Wednesday was the free for all. Movers were due to arrive at 1pm. They arrived at 4. Ask me how thrilled I was. The Guy was even less so.

The experience of having them pack up my house two weeks earlier was HORRIBLE. The truck came an hour late and the young men stood around for awhile. Then they slowly started moving things into the truck and barely moved faster than a crawl at any point during the day. SIX hours later, they were finally done. Ky and I could have done it quicker by ourselves. I wasn't sure how they could be any better this time around.

This time, they started 3 hours late. However, they were fast and efficient with unloading. It helped that most of the things went into the garage, but it was such an improvement over the first disaster. I wasn't thrilled that most of my boxes were packed into the truck upside down or on their sides. There was an unfortunate accident with a pail of honey. But, we got into the house.

Now we're here. The living room is set up and The Guy has the TV hooked up. The internet got hooked up on Wednesday, but I haven't had near enough time to surf. Once things are in order, I plan to waste a good 4 or 5 hours on my Facebook farm.


  1. Yikes- you two deserve a day together free from any kind of work or distraction.

    Congrats on the new house!

  2. What moving company did you hire? I hope you lodged a complaint about the speed and sloppy packing.
    Get feeling better.
    Re the Guy's schedule - aren't there labour laws against no days off?

  3. Glad you are kinda unpacked. I can't wait to see the house! Hope you are feeling better by next weekend!

  4. Did you hire the same company I did? Because I have an almost identical blog post. Except for the husband part.


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