Friday, June 26, 2009

Countdown to losing my mind

T-minus 3 days. Three days. I work for two of them.

72 hours. I work for 20 of those. Sleep another 27 of those. Shower and get ready for work for 2 hours. Walk the dog for 1 hour. Church for 2 hours.

That gives me about 20 hours left to pack the rest of the house.

What, me worry? Nah. This is a heart attack, not a panic attack.


  1. Indeed, leaving a house can be a "heart attack," especially a house that has been a place of dreams, and hopes, and promises, and joy, and laughter, and marvelous canine companions.

  2. What is it - about 12 to 15 moves in 33 years? How many like RB describes? I hope quite a few.
    Hope you were able to thin some of my stuff down a bit.


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