Thursday, June 25, 2009

Comment Luv, or not

When visiting blogs, I have noticed that Wordpress has this neat thing called "Comment Luv". It connects each comment I make to the latest post on my site. I like to think it encourages people to actually go to other people's sites because of a catchy title. I wanted Comment Luv for myself, so I waited and waited until they came out with a program that works in Blogger.

Joy to the blog world, they finally did. I signed up immediately and went to work getting it installed. It didn't work the first 10 times I did it. I guess I should have taken that as a sign, but I was stubborn. I emailed their support team repeatedly and finally allowed a helpful stranger to log on as admin and set it up for me. I was over joyed.

Imagine my sadness when my first comment is "What is this useless comment crap?" (or something along those lines) from my father. Why, yes! I did inherit all my tact from him. My first response was "It's new! It will be wonderful. Try it! Don't be a dick! (that will be new too)." but then I tried to log on to post a comment.

Holy, merciful crap is that annoying. I couldn't log in the normal way I do. It doesn't look like the Wordpress one at all and all the comments I get mailed to my inbox no longer tell me which post it refers to. I hate it.

But I worked so hard to get it in there, I might leave it for a bit. I'll give it a chance.

That'll be new too.

Let me know what you think. Of course, if you can't log on either, we will have to make some accommodations.


  1. Well, it seems to be working better for me now. Hmm.

  2. That could be because I accidentally deleted Comment Luv. Crap.

  3. You have Comment Luv? I barely have Comment Like.


  4. Thank God your comments thing works again


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