Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Ready for the season

I mentioned before that The Guy is a football nut. Okay, I take that back. I've complained before. The Guy loves anything Rider affiliated. I have gotten to experience this joy and it is catchy. I now have season tickets and wear all the silly gear. I even booed Burris once*.

The Guy was very excited today to announce he had bought something for the dog. I should have known what was coming. It wasn't a jersey, like I feared. Montel now has a matching shiny green Rider collar and leash.

Look at how happy he is with his Rider pride.

All I can say is "Is nothing sacred?"

*I am so against this kind of sportsmanship. But the chant was really catchy that day.


  1. Cute, Monty is so happy! He really becoming The Guy's dog.

  2. Maddy got one too. She was the envy of doggie delinquent school tonight.

  3. I can't even tell you how AWESOME that is! Do you KNOW how lucky you are?!! DO YOU KNOW??!!!!
    AND he's a fan of Hungry Hungry Hippos. I don't think you could possibly find anyone better.
    I might get another dog just so I can buy that. Or wear it myself.
    What evs.

  4. I want to eat Monty's face. He be so precious.

  5. What a sweetie. A true "The Guy"'s dog.

  6. Now, all The Guy has to do is teach Montel: "Green is the colour, football is the game. . . . "

    So, is Montel your dog or The Guy's? (I realize that's a delicate question.)

  7. I love it! Then you three can be a whole family in Rider gear.

  8. That is just stinking adorable.

  9. After reading my comment, I thought I should clarify that I meant THE GUY was a fan of Hungry Hungry Hippos, not Monty...we sort of chatted about it once on face and the guy....not Ok, I'm just going to slowly back away.


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