Monday, May 04, 2009

Help wanted

Where do you guys download music from? I used to use Limewire, but with my new computer, I've never figured out how to get it to work through my firewall of doom. Since then, I've been downloading torrents, but then I have to download the whole album rather than just the song I want. Any ideas of what else is out there to use?


  1. In uTorrent if you higlight whatever you are downloading, you can pick and choose the individual files you want by clicking on the "files" tab at the bottom. Just set all the crap songs you don't want to "Don't Download" (pretty sure that's the terminology, not at home right now to check). No need to download the entire album for one song.

  2. If you're feeling capitalistic, amazon.

    Every day they have a special where they sell an album for a buck to 4 bucks. Most songs are less than a buck . . . ? Not sure, I'm reverse-Bronwyn and usually buy whole albums (but not hole albums, never cared too much for them).

    captcha ==> finga. I gave you the finga.

  3. frostwire. Not sure if this was a reaction to the many people that can't use limewire (hand waves in the air) because of firewalls, but it works well and looks exactly like limewire, so navigating isn't difficult..


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